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Stuck under the sofa
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Be careful with the sofa or you’ll get stuck!

Adelle Unicorn was cleaning her house when, suddenly, she noticed a lot of dust under the sofa. She got down on her knees to clean everything up. It was really dirty, and she had to bend over to slide under there! She was surprised when she tried to get back up and couldn’t move because she was trapped. - Hey, anybody! – she screamed. She didn’t have to wait too long for the help since her boyfriend came into the room. He was pleased with what he saw. Adele was so sexy, and her gorgeous booty looked so alluring in that position… It was like the best erotic dream he’s ever had! Adele didn’t mind such an exciting sexual fantasy becoming a reality, and she revealed her naked ass while breathing heavily from all the naughty tension. Show more

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