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Stuck in the fridge
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Don’t rummage through the fridge or you’ll get stuck!

It was a really dark night outside the window, but Rebecca Volpetti couldn’t sleep. She was thinking about the sweet ice-cream that was waiting for her in the fridge. She slowly got up from the bed and tiptoed to the kitchen. Here she is opening the fridge door, reaching for the so desired desert. Her hand was trying to slide in between the other food that was there, but it got stuck. Rebecca was shocked, and she tried to release herself, but nothing worked! The hand was trapped in there, and now she was naked in the middle of the kitchen in a really stupid situation. - Hey, can somebody help me! – she yelled into the darkness of her apartment. Her husband came to give her a helping hand, but when he saw her gorgeous round ass, he decided to delay the help and fuck her instead. Rebecca was definitely not against this idea since sex is much more delicious than ice-cream. Show more

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