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Stuck in the couch
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Don’t look for your iPhone or you’ll get stuck!

The cutie Nelly Kent is very sexy. Her long slender legs were driving a lot of men crazy. Today, Nelly was lying on the couch and scrolling through the feed on her iPhone. She got distracted for a couple of minutes, and she suddenly realized that the phone is not in her hand anymore, she lost it! ‘’ Oh God! Where did I put it? It was here a couple of moments ago!’’ Nelly thought. She looked around and, finally, noticed it in a small hole in between the couch cushions. She put her hand in there and managed to grab it with her fingers. It was going well till she realized that she can’t pull her hand out. Nelly got scared and started calling for help. Her screams were enough to make the neighbor check on her. - Don’t just stand there, help me! – Nelly said. The guy, however, had a better idea, so he pulled her panties off and whipped his throbbing dick out. The girl also loved his idea, so they both ended up enjoying such an unexpected and unusual sex. Show more

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