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Stuck under the table
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Don’t touch the glue or you’ll get stuck!

Today, Tiny Tyna had a day off, and she decided to do some cleaning. She cleaned every room except for the living room, which was the messiest out of every one of them. She looked under the table and was shocked by how much dirt was there. Tiny started to work on it, but she couldn’t move anymore since her hand got glued onto the big pile of glue! - Hey, Jack, come to me! – she called her boyfriend. The big guy came into the room, looking at his helpless girlfriend who was sitting on her knees with a smile on his face. - Did you spill all this damn glue here? – said Tiny with an angry voice. But Jack was staring at her fantastic ass and couldn’t hear anything. He got down, pulled her skirt up, and pulled out his throbbing boner… Tiny was hesitant for a second, but then, she was eager to move her ass at the same time as her boyfriend. Show more

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