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Stuck in the doors
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Be careful with the door or you’ll get stuck!

Katarina Rina put on a gorgeous black dress while getting ready to join the celebration dinner. She was trying to open the door, but it got stuck. Katerina then decided to slide her hand in the space between the door, but she realized that she was trapped! Her big tits were pressed against the doorway, and the tight dress was provocatively exposing her nipples. Soon, her husband Larry came to see where the strange noise was coming from, and he was surprised to come across his woman being in such a silly position. He came closer to try to help her, but her sexy boobs were all he could focus on. Larry pulled the dress down so that her breasts were fully naked, and he put his throbbing cock in between them. Katerina started to moan from all the pleasure. She was also excited and quite turned on from this sexual game. Show more

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