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Stuck in the kitchen sink drain
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Don’t clean the drain or you’ll get stuck!

Jenny Wild is a pretty blonde girl with a tight figure and a round booty. One day, after a fun party, when almost every guest was gone, and only the closest friends remained, she was washing the dishes. Suddenly, a big piece of chicken fell off the plate and got stuck in the drain, not allowing the water to go through. Not thinking too much, she shoved her hand deep in there, trying to get it out, but she faced a problem! Jenny’s hand got trapped in the drain, and she was helplessly waiting in the middle of the kitchen, not knowing what to do. - Somebody, help me! Right here! – Jenny screamed. In a minute or so, a big guy came into the kitchen, looked at her, and smiled. - You know, I actually like you for a long time! I want to fuck you before helping you. Jenny smiled in return and spread her legs since she was also eager to have sex. Show more

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