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Stuck in the oven
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Don’t use the oven or you’ll get stuck!

Today was a special day since Isabella De Laa was waiting for someone special. She was celebrating an anniversary with her boyfriend, and it was finally time for her to meet his parents. It was a unique occasion, so she decided to cook a very special meal – her famous turkey. Parents wanted to see how good of a housewife she really is. She prepared all the ingredients and started stuffing the turkey. All she had left to do was to put it in the oven. Suddenly, her hand got stuck in the damn bird! - Greg, honey, can you help me real quick? – Isabelle said. Her boyfriend came into the kitchen, and a smile appeared on his face as soon as he saw his girlfriend’s arm being trapped in the turkey. - Stop laughing and do something! Help me, or at least fuck me! – she said with a note of anger in her voice. Greg was in a great mood, and he liked this idea. He pulled off his pants and whipped his cock out. Show more

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