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Welcome to STUCK4K! These nosy, naughty hotties are always up to no good! They’re curious to see what’s in the fridge, they want to grab that shiny thing from underneath the table, they want to get rid of the icky thingy in the drain. There’s only one problem – they can’t get unstuck! They all get stuck and can’t really move. Good thing there’s always some guy that could help them. Will he help them, though? Of course not! He’s willing to have some fun and take full advantage of this stupid situation. Join STUCK4K and enjoy high-def scenes in 4K Ultra-HD, both on your PC and mobile devices. No limits, only pure pleasure!
Stuck on the stairs
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Be careful with the stairs or you’ll get stuck!

Canela Skin lives in a small cozy studio apartment, and she is very scrupulous when it comes to keeping her place clean. That day, she was already over with the daily cleaning, and all she had left to do was to wipe the dust off the stairs. She was sliding her head in between the railings where most of the dust was, and she got stuck in that position. All her efforts to free herself were worthless, and she decided to call her friend. - Ok, I will be there soon, - he said, and after 10 minutes, he was already opening the front door. He was surprised to see his friend in such an embarrassing situation. The guy started pulling her head out of the trap. He was pressing his groin against her round ass and didn’t notice how fast he got turned on. Canela liked this little game, and she started teasing him by rubbing her butt against his boner. The dude couldn’t take in any longer, so he unzipped his pants, took them off, peeled off panties from wet pussy… Canela was begging him not to stop! Show more
Stuck in the couch
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Don’t look for your iPhone or you’ll get stuck!

The cutie Nelly Kent is very sexy. Her long slender legs were driving a lot of men crazy. Today, Nelly was lying on the couch and scrolling through the feed on her iPhone. She got distracted for a couple of minutes, and she suddenly realized that the phone is not in her hand anymore, she lost it! ‘’ Oh God! Where did I put it? It was here a couple of moments ago!’’ Nelly thought. She looked around and, finally, noticed it in a small hole in between the couch cushions. She put her hand in there and managed to grab it with her fingers. It was going well till she realized that she can’t pull her hand out. Nelly got scared and started calling for help. Her screams were enough to make the neighbor check on her. - Don’t just stand there, help me! – Nelly said. The guy, however, had a better idea, so he pulled her panties off and whipped his throbbing dick out. The girl also loved his idea, so they both ended up enjoying such an unexpected and unusual sex. Show more
Stuck in the gym machine
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Be careful with gym equipment or you’ll get stuck!

Sharon White was in great shape due to the fact that she was often going to the gym. She was working hard with gym equipment, and sometimes she was losing track of time, ending up all alone in the dark empty room! This is what happened that day. Sharon just finished her last exercise when she realized that her leg was stuck. The belt from the gym equipment was almost holding on to her like it didn’t want to let such beauty escape. She was so tired that all her efforts to free herself were pointless. - Hey, someone please help me! – she screamed. A coach went out of the room by accident. He looked at the girl with curiosity, bent over while trying to help her, and accidentally pressed his lips against her pubis. Guy could feel her sexy smell, and he couldn’t think about anything else other than fucking this pussy right here, right now! Sharon could see that he got turned on, and she definitely didn’t mind having some passionate sex with this stranger. Show more
Stuck in the oven
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Don’t use the oven or you’ll get stuck!

Today was a special day since Isabella De Laa was waiting for someone special. She was celebrating an anniversary with her boyfriend, and it was finally time for her to meet his parents. It was a unique occasion, so she decided to cook a very special meal – her famous turkey. Parents wanted to see how good of a housewife she really is. She prepared all the ingredients and started stuffing the turkey. All she had left to do was to put it in the oven. Suddenly, her hand got stuck in the damn bird! - Greg, honey, can you help me real quick? – Isabelle said. Her boyfriend came into the kitchen, and a smile appeared on his face as soon as he saw his girlfriend’s arm being trapped in the turkey. - Stop laughing and do something! Help me, or at least fuck me! – she said with a note of anger in her voice. Greg was in a great mood, and he liked this idea. He pulled off his pants and whipped his cock out. Show more
Stuck in the doors
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  • 27:50

Be careful with the door or you’ll get stuck!

Katarina Rina put on a gorgeous black dress while getting ready to join the celebration dinner. She was trying to open the door, but it got stuck. Katerina then decided to slide her hand in the space between the door, but she realized that she was trapped! Her big tits were pressed against the doorway, and the tight dress was provocatively exposing her nipples. Soon, her husband Larry came to see where the strange noise was coming from, and he was surprised to come across his woman being in such a silly position. He came closer to try to help her, but her sexy boobs were all he could focus on. Larry pulled the dress down so that her breasts were fully naked, and he put his throbbing cock in between them. Katerina started to moan from all the pleasure. She was also excited and quite turned on from this sexual game. Show more
Stuck under the sofa
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  • 27:22

Be careful with the sofa or you’ll get stuck!

Adelle Unicorn was cleaning her house when, suddenly, she noticed a lot of dust under the sofa. She got down on her knees to clean everything up. It was really dirty, and she had to bend over to slide under there! She was surprised when she tried to get back up and couldn’t move because she was trapped. - Hey, anybody! – she screamed. She didn’t have to wait too long for the help since her boyfriend came into the room. He was pleased with what he saw. Adele was so sexy, and her gorgeous booty looked so alluring in that position… It was like the best erotic dream he’s ever had! Adele didn’t mind such an exciting sexual fantasy becoming a reality, and she revealed her naked ass while breathing heavily from all the naughty tension. Show more
Stuck under the table
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Don’t touch the glue or you’ll get stuck!

Today, Tiny Tyna had a day off, and she decided to do some cleaning. She cleaned every room except for the living room, which was the messiest out of every one of them. She looked under the table and was shocked by how much dirt was there. Tiny started to work on it, but she couldn’t move anymore since her hand got glued onto the big pile of glue! - Hey, Jack, come to me! – she called her boyfriend. The big guy came into the room, looking at his helpless girlfriend who was sitting on her knees with a smile on his face. - Did you spill all this damn glue here? – said Tiny with an angry voice. But Jack was staring at her fantastic ass and couldn’t hear anything. He got down, pulled her skirt up, and pulled out his throbbing boner… Tiny was hesitant for a second, but then, she was eager to move her ass at the same time as her boyfriend. Show more
Stuck in the couch
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Be careful with the couch or you’ll get stuck!

Casey always had a habit of holding something in her hands, and this time, she couldn’t find anything better than to play with her ring. She was spinning it on her fingers, and she felt like she became a pro at it. She was managing to throw it in the air and catch it when suddenly, the ring fell in between the couch cushions. Casey shoved her hand there right away, trying to get a hold of her ring, but it was all a waste of time. She wanted to look under the couch, but she realized that her hand got stuck. Casey started calling for help, hoping that someone will hear her. A buff dude came into the room. He looked at the helpless and so accessible hottie that was trapped here, and offered his help in exchange for sex. After thinking about it for a little bit, Casey started pulling her panties down since she got turned on from his offer… Show more
Stuck in the pool table
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  • 34:16

Don’t play pool or you’ll get stuck!

Mia Trejsi was really passionate about playing pool. She played a lot of games this day and was really tired, which is why her body was relaxed and didn’t listen to her. Finally, it was the last hit, and the ball went straight into the hole. Mia, however, didn’t like how it turned out, and she decided to do it again. She shoved her hand into pocket to get the ball and… Oh my God! What happened?! She can’t move her hand because it was stuck really bad in there! Mia was trying to unclench the fist, but nothing was working. - Help me! – Mia screamed. The help was there in no time! Her neighbor came into the room and froze. He had such a nice opportunity to use this silly situation and finally fuck this sexy babe. Mia was glad to take his offer since she was also fantasizing about having sex with him. Show more
Stuck in the kitchen sink drain
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  • 29:26

Don’t clean the drain or you’ll get stuck!

Jenny Wild is a pretty blonde girl with a tight figure and a round booty. One day, after a fun party, when almost every guest was gone, and only the closest friends remained, she was washing the dishes. Suddenly, a big piece of chicken fell off the plate and got stuck in the drain, not allowing the water to go through. Not thinking too much, she shoved her hand deep in there, trying to get it out, but she faced a problem! Jenny’s hand got trapped in the drain, and she was helplessly waiting in the middle of the kitchen, not knowing what to do. - Somebody, help me! Right here! – Jenny screamed. In a minute or so, a big guy came into the kitchen, looked at her, and smiled. - You know, I actually like you for a long time! I want to fuck you before helping you. Jenny smiled in return and spread her legs since she was also eager to have sex. Show more
Stuck in the fridge
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  • 33:28

Don’t rummage through the fridge or you’ll get stuck!

It was a really dark night outside the window, but Rebecca Volpetti couldn’t sleep. She was thinking about the sweet ice-cream that was waiting for her in the fridge. She slowly got up from the bed and tiptoed to the kitchen. Here she is opening the fridge door, reaching for the so desired desert. Her hand was trying to slide in between the other food that was there, but it got stuck. Rebecca was shocked, and she tried to release herself, but nothing worked! The hand was trapped in there, and now she was naked in the middle of the kitchen in a really stupid situation. - Hey, can somebody help me! – she yelled into the darkness of her apartment. Her husband came to give her a helping hand, but when he saw her gorgeous round ass, he decided to delay the help and fuck her instead. Rebecca was definitely not against this idea since sex is much more delicious than ice-cream. Show more
Stuck in the fireplace
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  • 28:19

Don’t light the fireplace or you’ll get stuck!

It was a quiet evening. Leenne Lace was sitting in front of a fireplace, reading one of her favorite novels. Nothing was out of the ordinary during this amazing evening when, all of the sudden, the fireplace turned off. Leenne put her book away and bent down to see what the problem was. She shoved her hand in the small hole to see if the air is circulating properly. Pulling the hand back turned out to be a problem. It was stuck in there, and Leenne found herself in a silly situation, not knowing what to do next. - Somebody, help! – she screamed, hoping that a family member would hear her. After a little while, her husband came into the room. He was looking at her with an amused look on his face since it was such a weird situation. - Baby, I was tired of waiting for you in the bedroom. Let me help you get free, and you will have to suck on my cock in exchange, but you must do it first! Leenne liked this game, so she pulled the dick out of his pants with the only free hand… Show more
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